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A variety of issues can cause thinning hair in women. Take a look at how to deal with this problem.

People start to lose more hair as they get older. Since thinning hair usually happens gradually, you have plenty of time to identify its causes and determine the most effective course of action. Genetics, fluctuating hormone levels and the natural aging process are just a few of the causes of hair loss in women.

What causes thinning hair?

Genetics, lifestyle choices, or a combination of the two can contribute to thinning hair. Hair thinning can also be caused by certain medical conditions. Overtreating your hair, using harsh treatments, wearing tight hairstyles, not getting enough iron, folic acid, and other minerals in your diet, and stress are some examples of bad lifestyle habits. Thinning hair can be hereditary or the result of underlying medical conditions.

Here are some of the top habits that can help you deal with your thinning hair issues. Looked.

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils are used by some people to promote hair growth. However, there is little research on their effectiveness. Essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil. Never apply an essential oil directly to the skin without first diluting it.

2. Use hair loss shampoos

Hair loss shampoos

A small amount of hair thinning can occur as a result of clogged scalp pores. Using medicated shampoos designed to remove dead skin cells from pores can help promote healthy hair. This could help eliminate early symptoms of hair loss.

3. Eat a nutritious diet

Nutritious diet

A healthy diet can also promote regular hair growth. A healthy diet often includes a wide variety of foods, including many fruits and vegetables. These contain a variety of vital nutrients and other substances that promote healthy skin and hair.

Women who have thinning hair can see their doctor for a blood test to determine if they are iron deficient. A doctor might suggest taking an iron supplement or following an iron-rich diet.

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4. Scalp massage

Scalp massage

The scalp could benefit from massage to improve circulation and get rid of dandruff. This promotes healthy scalp and hair follicles. Use your fingertips to gently press your scalp while washing your hair to promote blood circulation. Try using a handheld scalp massager to exfoliate dead skin cells as well for added benefits.

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5. Anti-thinning shampoo

Anti-thinning shampoo

Image Courtesy: Nykaa

These shampoos work in two ways. They first give volume to your hair so that it looks fuller. Those with fine or naturally fine hair may find this useful. To promote a healthier scalp, shampoos for hair loss or thinning hair also contain vitamins and amino acids. Use these products as directed for best results. Ask your doctor for a prescription strength shampoo.

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