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Styling products, hair colors, pollution and dirt often make our hair look dull and limp. This is because all of these things break down the keratin in your hair. And if you’re a beauty freak, you know that keratin is a type of protein that makes your hair. It gives your hair a regenerated, revived and healthy appearance. So, to keep your mane healthy and refreshed, give it the benefits of high protein hair products and a protein conditioner is just one of them.

Table with protein conditioner and their characteristics:


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Here are some of the protein shampoos for combating dry and dull hair:

TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense Conditioner builds the strength of your hair and prevents hair loss due to breakage. It is infused with keratin protein which helps reverse the damaging effects of damaged hair and hydrates your hair. This conditioner claims to give you up to 97% less brittle hair after just one wash. Enhanced with cutting edge quality fixings, the equation is deductively composed to give you longer, more anchored, and reasonable hair with every wash. Its advanced lightweight keratin equation deeply conditions and detangles itchy hair. TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense effective conditioner works best on damaged and brittle hair. It is especially intended for Indian hair and is reasonable for all hair types.

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The regular proteins in Himalayan Protein Conditioner – Repair & Regeneration seriously repair dry, bushy or damaged hair. This conditioner gently sets, recovers and protects your hair from future damage, keeping it healthy and delicate. Aloe Vera contains exceptional chemicals that promote hair development, leaving it renewed from the scalp. Bean Sprout gives extra nourishment to inert hair, restoring split ends and shine. The key fixings are Aloe Vera, known for its many repairing properties, which can be used topically or internally as a juice. Characteristic UV inhibitor, its exceptional moisturizing, softening and saturating properties support hair and scalp.

Moms Co. Regular Protein Conditioner is the coconut based coconut hair detox hair pack, protected, completely normal and confirmed in Australia. Medium Rich Washed Shampoos strip your hair of protein and leave behind a layer of synthetic substances causing dandruff and hair loss! With the first use of the conditioner you are well on your way to your first hair detox, and after 4-5 washes you should start to see a noticeable distinction !. Kind proteins and wheat proteins strengthen your hair. Argan Oil. Nutrient B5 and beet separately help fight hair loss. Bit’s seed oil helps dry and discomforting scalp and dandruff.

Give your hair all the consideration it needs to look its best. Body Cupid Keratin Conditioner contains hydrolyzed keratin protein that recovers damage to hair caused by the absence of moisture, heat and compound styling tools. It also contains pure almond and argan oils – two commonly loved hair care wonders – to rekindle shine and enhance luxury. Use after shampooing to ensure hair is more anchored, silkier and shinier.

Frizz and tangles can damage your hair, increase breakage, and cause split ends. Mamaearth No More Tangles Conditioner is here to help. It contains a blend of the most effective natural fixings that will nourish your hair from root to tip. It contains milk protein to give you normally delicate and smooth hair. The nutrient B5 strengthens the hair follicles and helps your scalp to eliminate dead skin. The cocoa spread saturates the hair, making it delicate and shiny. It stimulates hair development while calming the nerves in the head and scalp to decrease aggravation and baldness. Use it for frizz-free and effectively sensitive hair.

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