Opening of a new cosmetology school in the Lansing region


If you have kids ready to graduate from high school, it’s our job as parents to put them on the right career path. I have 2 adult daughters, one just graduated from nursing school and is a nurse in a major hospital in Las Vegas.

The Other lives in Chicago and has spent many years in college and earned his “Masters in Psychology”. Well, after a year in this business, she decided she wanted to do hair and makeup and started her own business. Turned out good, she now owns a successful business in the Windy City.

New school in Charlotte

Well, if your kids want to get into this job, it’s been a long time, actually about 30 years, since Charlotte last had cosmetology school, but that will change very soon, says

If you, you or someone you know is interested in beautifying the Lansing area, classes at What’s Your Forte will start on August 23.

Angela Forte is 20 years old in cosmetology and has said that it was her dream to open her own school, and it is now a reality for her.

It took a little longer than expected, but we’re here and I’m so excited, ”said Forte. “When we got to know each other [my husband] expressed that he wanted to open a cosmetology school and I was like, “Shut up.” So it works great that we can do it together.

Hairdressers wanted

You see, dreams come true, as many of us have learned, we can do anything if we want enough. Kristan Sayers is the president of the Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals and has a salon in Brighton. She says there will be and now there are many positions available as stylists.

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