Linking seasonal allergies and sensitive skin

JSeasonal allergy sufferers know how annoying it can be to have something as harmless as a tree or grass knock you out completely. To make matters worse, Payel Gupta, MDcertified allergist and immunologist for Get erasedindicates that you are also more likely to suffer from contact dermatitis, an allergic skin reaction, to certain beauty products if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

“People with seasonal allergies are atopic people, which means they are allergic and will have a higher tendency to have other allergic conditions like contact dermatitis,” says Dr. Gupta. “People with seasonal allergies don’t have any particular chemicals or products that they react to compared to others, they’re just more sensitive in general.”

One type of product you want to look for is herbal items.

“Herbal products where the actual grass or plants are mixed into creams and lotions – this can definitely be an irritant to people allergic to these pollens depending on how they are made,” says Dr. Gupta .

Eye makeup products containing beeswax can also be irritating, explains Diane Hilal-Campo, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist from New Jersey. “[People] who have pollen allergies will have a very bad reaction to beeswax, and a lot of mascaras use beeswax, so at the end of the day their eyes will be very irritated,” said Dr Hilal -Campo, founder of the eye-friendly makeup brand. twenty/twenty beauty previously said Well+Good.

So if you have seasonal allergies and notice skin sensitivities, Dr. Gupta says it’s a good idea to keep your routine more minimal.

“For people with sensitive skin, I recommend sticking to products that contain minimal ingredients and definitely no fragrance, as this is a common irritant for many people. Also beware ‘natural’ products in general because they often contain as many chemicals as other products,” says Dr. Gupta. “Usually with contact dermatitis it takes several days for the reaction to appear as your body becomes sensitive to an ingredient of the product. This is why it is sometimes difficult to determine what may be causing the reaction you are having. You may have used the products a few days before your actual reaction.”

For the face, Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream ($22 to $72) is a great hydrating option. For the body, consider trying the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Intense Repair Moisturizing Cream ($20). Both are fragrance-free, soothing, and great for sensitive skin. If you often have itchy, dry and irritated eyes, try products from the Dr Hilal-Campo range, such as the Twenty/Twenty Beauty Clean Sweep Mascara ($28).

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