Islander creates Russian library inspired by new book


RAISED in the far northeast of Russia, in the frigid port city of Magadan, over 3,000 miles north of Moscow, an island resident is now on a mission to connect the Kingdom’s Russian-language speakers -United.

During confinement, Melinda Henry – the owner of Trendy 10 Beauty Salon & Foot Clinic – founded and organized a Russian non-profit library in Ryde.

She has lived in the city for 12 years and recently obtained British citizenship.

She has now contacted other Russians in the UK and is testing a series of groundbreaking tailor-made tours to the Isle of Wight.

The first arrivals are expected on July 4.

Melinda says her Russian visitors can expect an eclectic cross-cultural experience during their stay, including examining the island’s close historical ties to Russia.

The Romanov monument in East Cowes.

She said: “The Isle of Wight formed a crucial link between Imperial Romanov Russia and Britain, with many famous Russians visiting and enjoying the island during the Victorian era.”

Melinda was inspired by a new book describing the links between the island and Russia, the island and the empires: Romanov Russia, Great Britain and the Isle of Wight by Stephan Roman.

Melinda and Stephan, also of Russian descent, and Medina Publishing, based on the island, create bespoke Russian-themed walks.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Far. Melinda grew up in Magadan, Russia, but has lived in Ryde for over a decade.

Melinda added, “In addition to visiting iconic local sites, I will guide my Russian groups through the places and stories of previous Russian visitors featured in Isle and Empires.

“I am sure it will be an exciting experience to follow in their footsteps.”

An important event addressed in Isle and Empires is the Russian Imperial visit to the island in 1909, intended to seal an Anglo-Russian alliance that would be short-lived as revolution and discord intensified.

Melinda names Alexander Pushkin as her favorite author and plans to organize Russian lessons for beginners in the future.


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