How to keep your makeup intact in Monsoon

The sweet smell of rain falling on the ground is one of the few things in life that can make anyone smile. Although we believe that the smile should remain forever, there are other things that must also remain intact, if you want to enjoy the beautiful monsoons in India. In addition to such a list, your makeup must be perfect to repel the drizzles and humidity of this weather. Here’s what you can do to make sure your face glows with the same effervescence as the rest of the mood around you.

Waterproof Everything – This one might be a no-brainer, which is why it needs the very first mention in our tips for you to consistently shine throughout the monsoon. All the major brands offer a nice range of waterproof foundations, with Kryolan’s Derma series being a fantastic option. Be sure to dab the foundation well on your skin before using the translucent powder to finish the look. Waterproof mascaras are a must during the monsoons and help avoid any nasty smudging.

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Water-Based Moisturizers – Oil-based moisturizers make your skin oilier and won’t allow makeup to set in the midst of high humidity and sweat. Water-based moisturizers are lighter on the skin and keep pores open to allow any excess sweat to only add shine and not ruin makeup. You can keep absorbent tissues or beauty blenders handy to soak up sweat for a cleaner look.

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Mastering the Art of Mattifying – To avoid any foundation/base stains, the best remedy is to dust your face with mattifying powder which will absorb excess moisture and give you an even skin finish.

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Prime the right way – Humidity is the real challenge of the monsoons and to avoid the effects of it you need to use a nice sheer base over moisturizer and just before applying foundation. You can also opt for an eyeshadow primer if bold eyes are your makeup game.

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Set, Spray, Go – The most important step in prepping your monsoon makeup is using a setting spray. Setting sprays and mists are really the key to keeping your makeup intact. Hold the setting spray about 6 inches from your face and spritz downward three times to cover both sides and the center of your face.

The fashionista in us often dreads the effects of the monsoon simply because of what it can do to our makeup but with careful product selection and clever application techniques; you can revel in the exciting glow of this wet season without any worries.

With contributions from makeup artist, Monica B


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