From dream to reality, entrepreneur Yash Tuteja explains how he built strong goodwill in his businesses


Dreams come true when you do your best to make them come true. No one has become a success overnight. You have to be an everyday scammer to achieve magnificent success. Yash Tuteja from the start of his entrepreneurial journey aimed to establish his business enterprises as well-known brands. And guess what? He achieved this feat.

The entrepreneur runs two successful business ventures which are notable names across Chhattisgarh. The first is Tuteja Academy, a coaching institute that started in 1991. The other is Meenakshi Salon & Academy, a luxury salon and spa established in 1996. Behind these companies, Mr. Tuteja revealed that it is consistency that has helped it become the most trusted name in Chhattisgarh.

The Tuteja Academy located in Raipur and Bilaspur has played a central role in helping candidates to pass competitive and civil exams, including the Chhattisgarh Civil Service Commission (CGPSC). On the contrary, Meenakshi Salon & Academy, the brainchild of Yash’s mother, Meenakshi Tuteja, has attracted customers with its premium, high-quality services including makeup, beauty and spa.

Mr. Tuteja has always believed in creating a brand rather than being part of it. “There is a fine line between taking responsibility on your shoulders to be the best or being in the comfort zone and playing it safe. I chose the first one, and it was possibly the best decision I have ever made, ”Yash says. The entrepreneur has been managing the business operations of Meenakshi Salon & Academy for almost 10 years. Since then it has expanded a total of 5 salons in Bilaspur, Bhilai and Raipur. To date, the luxury salon and spa has more than 200 employees, who are highly trained beauticians, makeup artists and stylists.

Apart from that, his coaching institute runs online conferences which have built up a highly educated and qualified faculty. Additionally, speaking about how he transformed these companies into reputable brands, Yash replied, “There has always been pressure to be the best among the rest. To lead the race, we have always embraced novelty and embraced change in terms of innovation. I think setting trends rather than following them has made both of these companies a huge success. In the times to come, Yash Tuteja aspires to reinforce the brand value of the two companies by bringing it to the pan-Indian level.

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