Federal Package is the preferred contract manufacturer for personal care companies


For more than 40 years, Federal Package has been the preferred contractor for many major personal care companies. Due to its extensive capabilities and dedication to quality products and services, Federal Package has become the go-to source for companies in the health, beauty and personal care industries seeking all aspects of contract manufacturing.

Melissa Niebes is Commercial Director at Federal package. Happi recently spoke with Niebes to learn more about beauty and personal care packaging trends, what’s new from Federal Package, and how newcomers can succeed in the highly competitive packaging industry. beauty and personal care.

Happi: What new trends are you seeing in beauty and personal care in 2022?
Niebes: Clean beauty takes a moment. Clean beauty is not just about product functionality, but takes into account the entire product lifecycle from conception to disposal. Many of our customers are focused on ethical, inclusive and sustainable production, and we are more than happy to accommodate them. We offer post-consumer recycled (PCR), post-industrial recycled (PIR) raw materials or bio-based resins to make the product’s beginning of life more sustainable.

At the end of the product’s life, our Eco Smart additives allow the product to break down when placed in a landfill or ocean environment. The additive allows the container to break down into CO2, methane and a rich humus or soil that does not contain heavy metals or starch. Additionally, this process does not produce the microplastics that contribute to so much global pollution. Our sustainable packaging is the solution to limit your environmental impact.

Happi: What else is new at Federal Package?
Niebes: We are excited about our new state-of-the-art water filtration system which greatly expands our formulation capabilities to a wider variety of skin, hand and body products. Now, customer formulas can be produced on site and quickly and easily moved to the next production steps.

We have expanded our in-house testing capabilities, so our labs are faster and more cost effective in qualifying incoming raw materials as well as finished products. A single site provides direct supervision of the entire manufacturing process to ensure quality and efficiency, reducing costs and lead times.

Our Eco Smart solutions ensure sustainability throughout the product life cycle. This proprietary technology allows plastic components to break down in biologically active environments while providing the same form, fit and function as our standard line of containers.

Happi: What recommendations do you have for newcomers to beauty and personal care?
Niebes: Find the right partner who can help you bring your product to market. It takes a lot to create a great brand that meets customer needs on a large scale. At Federal Package, we have the expertise to move your product through the production cycle in a single facility. Our turnkey service has the know-how and expertise to create any formula from scratch, or customers can customize any of our available stock formulas. With our in-house formulation capabilities, we can efficiently tailor this formula in our factory to save time and money.

Happi: What are the benefits of working with a manufacturer like Federal Package?
Niebes: We specialize in blending, compounding, and hot-filling, which has made us one of the top manufacturers of deodorants, lip balms, and sunscreens in the United States. Our lab team has over 90 years of combined experience that allows us to manufacture a wide variety of formulas. Our robust in-house testing capabilities allow us to quickly get the finished product into the hands of our customers faster. We are continually adding new stock formulations for brands looking to get to market quickly, with a focus on vegan, natural and organic formulations to meet growing demand.

Happi: What’s next for the federal package?
Niebes: We are rapidly expanding our portfolio of lotions, creams, serums and body butters containing active ingredients. The sunscreen category is growing rapidly, with customers understanding the need for year-round sun protection. So we’re working on exciting new non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) formulations for the face and neck. This is followed by high performance skin care and acne products, cleansers and toners. We are also looking to expand our range of propellant/repellent containers with new sizes and shapes to complement the portfolio.


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