Dream Symphony wants to become the tallest sailboat in the world, it will measure 462 feet

Announced more than ten years ago by the Turkish shipyard Dream Ship Victory, the imposing vessel is still under construction, but when finally completed it promises to push the technical limits of yacht classification, as claimed. its current owner. , Bourgeois. It will be 30 percent longer than the Black Pearl, which is currently considered the largest sailing superyacht in the world, measuring 106m in length.

The design of the Dream Symphony was entrusted to Ken Freivokh of the United Kingdom, while the naval architecture is the work of Dykstra Naval Architects, a company based in the Netherlands.

In addition to the fact that the yacht is really special for its breathtaking dimensions, it is also unique in that it will be an all-wood construction (epoxy laminated Iroko). The wood gives the Dream Symphony a warm interior feel, while making it as solid as the steel and aluminum containers.

In terms of design, the owner requested privacy, practicality, classic elegance with a modern twist, as Burgees reports. The Dream Symphony will be equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system offering a maximum range of 5,900 Nm at 14 knots.

With a two-deck atrium and a spiral staircase, the ship will have the owner’s duplex apartment on the lower deck, with one bedroom, private bath, and living room. On the main deck you will find a living room and an office. There is also an all-glass circular swimming pool with a raised floor that can be deployed as a helipad.

A convertible veranda located between the main hall and the owner’s living quarters can be closed with the push of a button and creates an all-weather conservatory.

Other notable features are a spa with nail and hair salons, a gym, massage room, and meeting rooms.

The yacht building process has been stalled for some time and is currently on hold. But the ship’s hull is nearing completion, and Burgees is now working to speed things up by seeking a new owner for the Dream Symphony. There is no price mentioned, so you must contact Bourgeois for more info on that.

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