Dr. Novikov Wellness & Skin Center focuses on healing one patient at a time


Dr Mikhail Novikov has been a practicing surgeon for over 20 years.

By Vicki Greene, Contributing writer

NORTHBOROUGH – Exceptional quality of care, exceptional healing results and prompt access to providers are all part of the patient experience at Dr Novikov Wellness and Skin Care. The practice, founded by Dr Mikhail Novikov in 2018, is located at 318 Main Street, Suite 165 in Northborough. Novikov brings more than 20 years of experience to its patients.

The practice specializes in comprehensive wound care and dermatological care, including dermatological surgeries. A variety of conditions are treated, such as skin biopsies, excisions of cysts and lipomas, and treatment of pressure sores.

In addition to Novikov, another surgeon and two specialist medical assistants are part of the service provider’s team.

Patients receive bedside wound care

In addition to treating patients in the office, Novikov has partnered with long-term care and rehabilitation facilities across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Patients are assessed, diagnosed and treated at the bedside during weekly visits, which is a unique aspect of the practice.

Dr Novikov Wellness and Skin Care‘s cure rates are about 50 percent better than the national average.

Additionally, elderly patients or patients with mobility challenges can avoid stressful and costly hospital visits by receiving care without leaving the facility.

Dr. Novikov’s commitment to patient care and relationship building

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The Dr. Novikov Skin & Wellness Center is located at 318 Main Street, Suite 165 in Northborough.

Novikov’s career path to medicine began at the age of 16, while volunteering at a hospital near his hometown in Russia. The experience of seeing people recognize him in the city and express their appreciation for his help during his hospitalization was the foundation of how Novikov practiced medicine throughout his career.

Building trust and positive relationships with each of your patients has always been a priority.

Patient testimonials demonstrate the commitment, professionalism and competence of providers.

Convenient and expedited appointments are available

A key message from Novikov is the importance of seeking treatment from a wound care specialist if a wound does not heal within four weeks.

“Seeking appropriate care and treatment earlier leads to better patient outcomes,” he said. “There is no advantage in waiting. Our mission is to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and to provide safe, comprehensive and convenient patient care. “

Patients who have a specific skin problem and prefer to be seen quickly can usually get an appointment within a week of their call. Same day appointments may be offered for both acute and chronic conditions.

Check out more information about Dr Novikov’s wellness and skin care at www.northborodoctor.com or call 508-936-1657 for an appointment.

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