Demi Moore on hair care and why she wouldn’t cut her hair


Hollywood actress Demi Moore loves to flaunt her hip-length all-natural black hair. The 59-year-old recently shared some hair care tips and tricks and we’re here for it. The Striptease actress told People she feels more comfortable with her longer hair.

She told People that over the years her hair has gone through various treatments. “I did everything for my hair. I shaved it. I dyed it. I had a bob,” she told the magazine. However, Demi added that when she’s not working, she tries to do as little as possible for her hair. The GI Jane actress said it was stressful even having someone touch her hair. She also told People that if she has nowhere to go, she avoids putting any heat treatment on her hair. “I just try to let him do his own thing. And I don’t wash it too often.

Moore had shaved her head for the 1997 film GI Jane, however, she said that at this point in her career she would “struggle” to pull off another drastic hair move.

Talking about how she likes to maintain her luscious black hair, Demi told American Entertainment Magazine that she regularly gets little trims and the rest of her beauty comes from within. The actress also stressed the importance of following a healthy diet to really nourish hair from within.

Demi said that at this point in her life she is comfortable with herself and knows she has nothing to prove to anyone. The actress added that if a role required her to change her hairstyle, she would prefer to wear a wig. Demi added that she also had apprehensions about how her hair would grow back.

Moore is known for her roles in Indecent Proposal, Ghost and Flawless.

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