Colorado sees record number of home test requests, deliveries may take 2 weeks


DENVER, Colorado (KDVR) – Demand for rapid COVID testing is peaking across the country, including here in Colorado. Our state has free door-to-door delivery, but families are seeing delivery delays, wondering what to do.

FOX31 Problem Solvers overheard a number of viewers wondering where their rapid test shipments from the state of Colorado have gone. We asked about timelines and plans to fill the massive need.

Here are some responses and suggestions we received from CDPHE:

How long between ordering and delivery should Coloradans wait before receiving the test kits ordered?

There is currently an unprecedented national demand for rapid tests, and we are proud to be the first state in the country to provide these tests free of charge to Coloradans. Due to increased demand, it may take up to two weeks for individuals to receive their order. If people are showing symptoms, they don’t have to wait for the test to arrive, they should go to one of over 150 free community testing sites.

Is the government noticing a backlog of deliveries?

We have seen a significant increase in the demand for testing over the past few weeks. It has extended the time it takes for individuals to receive their tests.

We have added an additional supplier to our in-home testing program, which will increase inventory. We are now working with Amazon to start shipping them to Coloradans who have ordered tests.

We know the people of Colorado are eager to get in-home testing, and we’re happy to have been able to deliver over 1.5 million tests to individuals and organizations. We plan to fulfill all orders placed and appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to distribute orders as we receive additional supply.

How many Covid-19 home tests have been ordered since January 1, 2022?

From January 1 to 9, 2022, individuals and organizations placed 142,399 orders for over-the-counter rapid tests.

How many tests in total have been distributed since September 20, 2021?

This is our most popular testing program, and we are delighted to have been able to distribute over 1.5 million tests to Coloradans.

How much has the demand for testing increased since the launch of the free-to-all program?

When we first launched the program, we received a large influx of initial orders. After this first wave, people who ordered tests routinely received them within about a week. At that time, we were receiving and fulfilling approximately 3,000 orders per day.

Throughout December order numbers started to increase and around December 19th our order numbers skyrocketed. We had several days where we received up to 20,000 orders per day. We are working diligently to distribute orders as soon as our weekly shipment arrives. And as mentioned above, we’ve added a new vendor that will help increase inventory.

The home testing program offers another free testing option for Coloradans and is designed for screening tests. If people need to be tested immediately because of exposure or if they experience

symptoms, they should visit one of the more than 150 free community testing sites.

Does the state continue to receive weekly Abbott shipments? 95,000 per week?

In addition to our weekly shipments from Abbott, we have added an additional supplier to our in-home testing program, which will increase supplies.

Has the state reduced the number of tests sent for each order? Has the number gone from four kits to two?
Individuals can order a kit, which contains two tests, and they can order twice a week. We have adjusted shipments from two kits to one kit so that we can process more orders faster.


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