Christmas Crush for Salons – How Hair and Beauty Salons Prepare for Student Discount Dates Before Christmas (Sponsored Content from Chilli Fruit Web Consulting)

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The holiday season is fast approaching – and we all hope it will be significantly different from Christmas 2020. After a locked-out holiday season, many people will be looking to make up for lost time this year, and many restaurants will be looking to make up for lost time this year. bars and clubs are already full as we anticipate the return of a more normal Christmas. Another expected return is that of university students who will return home for the holidays around mid-December.

Deck the halls (residence)

With the venue (hopefully) open for business this Christmas, consumers are already preparing to look their best for these all-important photos, and for college students that means taking advantage of barber and beauty salon discounts. Most students are forced to live on a shoestring budget, and as a result, many lounges offer budget cuts to help them stretch their student loans a bit further. While this boost in business is certainly welcome for salons still recovering from pandemic shutdowns, it poses the problem of how to meet increased demand while ensuring the safety of customers and staff. While this might not be a big issue for large cities with multiple lounges, smaller towns can find themselves under the cosh as they attempt to tick all the boxes. In the UK there are around 2.38 million college students which is a lot of discount hairstyles to achieve in a short period of time. Many salon owners around the world are tackling this hair-raising problem by using Booksy to help them grow their business while lowering costs.

No conferences for salon owners

Booksy is an innovative platform designed specifically for hair and beauty salons. Originally created as an appointment booking system, the platform, which serves clients and salons around the world, now provides a comprehensive management system for salon owners who want to streamline their business. The platform offers a lot of fantastic features, including:

Reservation – Customers can book and manage their own appointments through Booksy’s AI-powered platform and app. For customers, this means there’s no longer a need to stay on hold when trying to get an appointment. For owners, this means that it is no longer necessary to have a dedicated receptionist to take calls.

Payment – This smart platform allows salon owners to request and receive payment and prepayment through the app. This is very useful as it reduces hand contact during the appointment and, more importantly, the prepayment option drastically reduces no-shows – a constant irritation for most salon owners.

Staff management – If you are a salon owner, you will know that if there is not enough staff it is bad for your business, but too much is bad for your budget. Booksy’s AI-powered platform can help better manage staffing levels within a salon, reducing wasted money on salaries.

Product sales and upselling – Nowadays, product sales provide a much needed increase in profit for many trade shows, however, in the age of Covid, many feel that the on-site retail wall has had its day. Booksy helps get around this problem by allowing salons to up-sell products and services directly from the app; reduce hassle, expense and contacts.

Management – Booksy’s artificial intelligence engine is able to handle appointments much more efficiently than the humble homo sapien – and it does this by calculating the time needed for each appointment based on historical data and previous visits . This is also very useful for clients with special needs, such as clients with autism, who can make their visit more comfortable by making an appointment during the quieter times of a salon.

Marketing – Even before the pandemic, most salon owners didn’t have the budget for dedicated staff or marketing agencies. Fear Not – Booksy includes sung and dance marketing tools, including emails and brochures, that can help salon owners effectively reach customers, old and new.


Providing student discounts is a great way for salons to make some extra cash while on vacation – and is popular with struggling students. By using Booksy’s smart and intuitive reservation system, salon owners are better able to manage numbers within their salons while maximizing profits – making it a very Merry Christmas for everyone!


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