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Mon, January 10, 2022


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We’ve all been this way: you’ve washed your hair a few times to escape frizz and moisture, and yet your locks are still dull and undernourished. Perhaps there is still a step missing in the routine?

As the New Year dawns, Pantene launched a line of hair supplements to recharge and rehydrate luscious locks of hair across the country.

Pantene’s all-new Miracles Hair Supplement works similarly to daily or weekly multivitamins and multi-step skin care routines, providing nutrition to the hair after regular washing with shampoo.

Procter & Gamble Indonesia communications director Beauty Care Ovidia Nomia said in a statement that the product is P & G’s first hair supplement for Indonesia, paving the way for a new routine for the products. hair care.

“Where people would simply wash their hair with shampoo, we are now encouraging everyone to add another step to the routine by using the Miracles Hair Supplement to optimally nourish our hair after each wash. Shampoo is only used to clean the hair, but at the same time it can reduce the nutrition of our hair, causing it to lose its shine, coarse and tired appearance, ”she said.

A screenshot of “Miracles Hair Supplement Baru!” – Goodbye #RambutCapek Hello #RambutKeCharged “. (Courtesy of Pantene /.)

Pantene Indonesia teamed up with internet personality Keanu Angelo (@keanuagl), whose luscious locks weren’t sufficiently hydrated and nourished with just a regular shampoo. He then used Miracles Hair Supplement in his daily and weekly hair care routine to recharge his hair, the progress and response which was documented in a video titled “Miracles Hair Supplement Baru!” – Goodbye #RambutCapek Hello #RambutKeCharged “.

In the first 24 hours since it was uploaded to Pantene Indonesia’s YouTube channel, the video has been watched by 950,773 viewers, receiving positive feedback from Indonesian netizens interested in both Keanu and his positive results with the use of Miracles hair supplement.

Pantene Indonesia Miracles Hair Supplement comes in two variations: Miracles Biotin strength and collagen repair Daily Supplement Conditioner that hydrates and repairs hair, as well as Miracles Biotin strength Collagen Strength and Repair Weekly hair mask that can transform dry, damaged hair into healthy, strong and shiny strands.

Both products can be purchased at the nearest mini market and supermarket. Miracles Biotin Strength / Collagen Repair Daily 150ml Daily Conditioner retails for Rp 26,900, while Miracles Biotin Strength Strength & Collagen Repair Hair 20ml Weekly Supplement can be purchased for Rp 7,900.


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