5 blonde hair care tips to get rid of brassy tones.


4. Do not filter the water in your shower.

Blonde hair absorbs everything, including the minerals from the water that comes out of your shower, we have discussed that. What we haven’t discussed, however, is that you can buy a filter to go on your shower head.

Shower filters are great for softening water, reducing the amount of chlorine and other minerals present, and removing many bacteria from the water. An easy victory.

5. Do not prep your hair before swimming.

The weather is warming up and while fake blondes don’t need to avoid the pool entirely, I have found that there is a law way to prepare your hair before swimming.

If you first try to wet your hair with non-chlorinated water (either from a bottle or from the shower) so that your hair can absorb the “clean” water, it leaves less room for the water. chlorinated to affect your colored strands.

The second step is to apply a little conditioner to the ends of your hair to protect them before you get started.

And, of course, wash your hair as soon as possible after your swim, to prevent the chlorine from doing any more damage. So that means another appointment with my John Frieda products? Oh, if I have to.

Being blonde is hard work. But I hope that now that you are equipped with some knowledge of blonde hair care, you don’t have to worry about fighting the brassy tones anymore (which leaves more time for the important things, like the frenzy. Nine Perfect Strangers).

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