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You know the skin care exercise: sunscreen, hydrate, get enough sleep, but these are just the basics. What is hyaluronic acid? What is the difference between retinol and retinoid? Do you really need a prescription for my acne, and is there a difference between a $ 200 eye cream and what you can get at the drugstore?

No need to worry about what products to use, what is right for your skin, or if you would have an allergic reaction. There are a lot of experts on YouTube who test everything and give live results in real time. These five YouTube channels will walk you through every step of your routine and answer all of your questions.

Not only will they provide you with personal reviews of specialty products, but they will also offer you other ways to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

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Renee is a beauty guru and skin enthusiast who critiques skin care products as a profession. She knows the ins and outs of skin care products and is a credible reference for people of all skin types. Her YouTube channel even has videos of seasonal skin products. She provides in-depth reviews of the products she finds and uses, and even discusses the formulas used in each of the products, making her an extremely credible source for anyone hesitant to make skincare purchases.

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Hyram Yarbro is one of the most popular YouTubers among Gen Z viewers. His YouTube channel is growing steadily with 4.9 million subscribers at press time. It caters to the wants and needs of its audience and finds effective and profitable products to present and review. It also caters to different skin types, attracting a wider audience who love and appreciate its videos. He also recently launched his own collection of skin care products called Selfless by Hyram, with the aim of enabling people to help themselves!

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Beautiful green

Gabby Dubious offers a sustainable approach to beauty. Her YouTube channel features and promotes green, non-toxic, and clean products, which is in great need in the beauty industry. She shares brand reviews and even recreates celebrity makeup looks using only natural and green products.

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Dr Sam Bunting

Who better than a certified dermatologist to give you skin care advice? Dr Sam Bunting is a London based cosmetic dermatologist with years of experience in the beauty industry. She gives her subscribers tips on how to get nourished skin. She focuses on the science behind skin care and has also created her own skin care line. In terms of credibility, it flourishes as one of the best skin care channels giving valuable information from a dermatologist’s perspective that is easy to understand by anyone.

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James Welsh

This YouTube channel is proof that men should have a skincare routine too! James Welsh suffered from a major acne problem as a teenager, and his YouTube channel offers a man’s vital take on the importance of skin care and grooming. Her channel now has over a million subscribers and a range of videos ranging from budget skin care brands to reviews of Korean beauty products, and even products you absolutely shouldn’t use. A must-have watch for all men trying to step up their skin play!

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