12 spas in the United States for a relaxing bachelorette weekend


While a wild weekend with the girls is always a priority for brides and honeymooners planning bachelorette weekends, many are opting for something a little more laid back these days.

Angela Adto Tepper, the founder of the luxury brand AZA Travel, explains that the pandemic has refocused people’s priorities; she sees groups planning singles trips that focus more on bonding and spending time together, rather than just having wild, crazy nights out.

“We were criticized, in a good way, with girly getaways,” she says. “People really want to emphasize friendships. While he is still [fun] do something lively, as in the Bridesmaids movie, Vegas, New York, or Miami, you can have that and also a balance of feeling connected to each other and coming back feeling rejuvenated and like you’ve had bonding moments.

Adto Tepper and Carly Patane Moss, travel expert at a luxury tour operator black tomatohave seen spa getaways become popular for singles travel (and travelers in general).

“What’s appealing is that the focus is on relaxation and well-being, and having a more relaxed pace allows more room to craft adventurous experiences into the itinerary,” says Moss. “Napa and Sonoma have been particularly popular recently, where yes there is a strong wine and food culture, but also inspiring spa and wellness treatments and fitness classes, which are increasingly important for small groups who want to ditch the traditional alcoholic bach.” she shares.

Meet the expert

  • Angela Adto Tepper is the founder of a luxury travel company called AZA, which focuses on all types of travel, including wellness and spa getaways. She is also an advisor to Virtuoso.
  • Carly Patane Moss is a travel expert at luxury tour operator Black Tomato.

It should be noted that while a spa weekend is meant to de-stress, planning a group vacation can be quite the opposite experience. Adto Tepper recommends opting for an all-inclusive spot like Miraval Resorts and Spas, with locations in three states. This way everything is prepaid and there is no stress over bills during the trip. If you’re not taking the all-inclusive itinerary, she suggests creating an itinerary ahead of time and setting all prices up front to avoid “sticker shock.” When in doubt, hire a professional who will plan the entire trip, from flights to meals, spa treatments and excursions, for an ultra-luxurious, relaxing experience.

Once you’re ready to start planning, Moss suggests considering what to look for in a spa property. “Look beyond a pleasant setting, to find out if the spa offers wellness treatments in a more holistic way,” suggests Moss. “That’s not to say that every spa has to have a wellness partner to be great, but these tend to be some of the best because they think about bespoke, bespoke wellness – way beyond from a simple deep tissue massage – for lasting impact.

If you’re thinking of a spa getaway for your bachelorette vacation, here are 12 highly rated luxury spas in the United States to add to your bucket list.


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